Nella Sabia

Nella Sabia(In the Sand)

Size: 181.8×227.3cm

Date: 1982

Mediums:Mixed media


This is a work which marked the starting point of Kinutani’s new artistic development during the 1980’s. Dismissing the contour line which was the greatest feature of his previous works, this innovative work allowed Kinutani to break free from his 1970’s style. While concealing the outlines with sand, the artist emphasizes the form of the human body, and expresses the transient state of the mind through the Buddhist teaching of “Mujo-kan.” The contrast against the text of the “Hannya Shingyo (Buddhist sutra)” and the “Iroha song” in the background is exquisite.
Kinutani’s search for the perfect matiere developed into his later relief works, eventually leading to his sculpture works in the late 1980’s.