Dream Tale of a Lotus Flower

Size: 194×259cm

Date: 1983

Mediums:Mixed media


A woman lies on the sand with dreamily expression. Expressing eternal time within this peaceful space, lotus flowers and the hands of Buddha, expressing salvation, float in the heavens. While this painting is Kinutani’s memoir of his trip to Dunhuang, it is also a work that marked the beginning of a new chapter of the artist’s painting style.
The feature of Kinutani’s works from the early 1970’s is the free and bold contour line. However, at the start of the 1980’s, these lines were eliminated, and Kinutani embraced pointillism instead. His technique of applying sand on the canvas to conceal the lines (as seen in this work) was revolutionary. Kinutani’s stylistic evolution may have been an irresistible impulse like a revelation from god.