Size: 270×179×40cm

Date: 1989

Mediums:Mixed media


Titled after the name of the Norwegian capital, this work is a relief image made with styroform. It is a three-dimensional work that expresses the preciousness of peace. Kinutani began to create three-dimensional works at around the end of the 1980’s. Admiring Picasso, his pursuit for cubism pushed his artistic style to evolve through collage, relief, to sculptures. Kinutani’s sculptures are made with styrene foam, which are cut with heat wires and painted.
During his studies in Italy, Kinutani witnessed the miraculous work by Michelangelo. The shock that he received from the genius’s work in multiple genres including sculpture, architecture, and painting, awakened Kinutani’s creative motivation to go beyond boundaries. This experience became the driving force for his bold challenges.