Life, Flowers in a Chinese Pottery

Size: 60.6×72.7cm

Date: 2002

Mediums:Mixed media


Vibrant and colorful flowers are arranged in a Chinese vase. The blooming flowers are full of life. Color is a crucial feature of Kinutani’s art. Kinutani likes to use the expression, “savor the color with the eye.” He explains that color that is savored through the eye becomes nutrition to the brain, just like how fruits and vegetables with highly-nutrition tend to be colorful. While a monochromatic world induces spiritless chaos, an age that is full of color is an era of energy and joy. The brightness or dullness of color is a barometer of human vitality. Flowers dress themselves in color to express their strong hopes for the next generation. It is as if they are teaching us that the key for salvation is color.