Self-Portrait Praying for Peace (Igniting Passion)

Size: 194×259cm

Date: 2010

Mediums:Mixed media


The World Trade Center in New York crumbles in flame. The flame expresses Kinutani’s emotion of rage and his painful desire for peace. This work is an embodiment of the artist’s grief over mankind’s absurdity for repeating war, and his wish for humanity to trust each other and strive for world peace.
Twenty years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Kinutani conducted a workshop at an elementary school near the World Trade Center. Kinutani communicated with the children, and helped them create an artwork that expressed the thoughts that goes through the minds of those who live in New York. The result was a prophetic painting that portrayed skyscrapers that resembled the monster Godzilla, and people dancing ferociously in the sky. The children’s sharp intuition had perhaps picked up the subtle tension in the giant city, and may have predicted the critical state of the world in the future.