Lotuses and a Prayer

Size: 72.7×60.6cm

Date: 2011

Mediums:Mixed media


Known as the Sacred Water Lotus, the Nelumbo nucifera is an ancient lotus flower from 2000 years ago which is currently designated as a natural monument of Chiba Prefrecture. The work paints the blooming Sacred Water Lotus and the figure of the Buddha with folded hands. As if we had been transported to a meditative world, the painting emits a tranquil atmosphere.
Toshihiro Nikai, the current Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and a great contributor to the Japan-China relations and the establishment of the Koji Kinutani Exhibition, is one of many admires of the Sacred Water Lotus. Kinutani too has been enchanted by this lotus flower which arouses one’s religious faith and affection for humanity. He picked up his painting brush in hopes of expressing the “wish for world peace and the glory of the everlasting chain of life.”