Monju Bosatsu (Manjusi) Descends to Konkai Komyo-ji TempleⅡ

Size: 162×194cm

Date: 2018

Mediums:Mixed media


This is the original image of the official poster for the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in Kyoto, 2018. The work is themed on the Konkai-Komyo-ji Temple in Kyoto, depicting the Monju Bosatsu’s (Bodhisattva of wisdom) descent on a golden cloud. Konkai Komyo-ji Temple is one of the Head Temples of the Jodo sect of Buddhism. The teaching of “Namu Amida Butsu (prayer for rebirth)” and the Ichimai kishobun letter written by Honen, the founder of the Jodo sect, has been passed on through generations at this temple. This painting strongly reflects Kyoto’s face as a religious city.