Sun, Moon, Spring, Mt. Fuji on the Lake

Size: 133×168cm

Date: 2018

Mediums:Mixed media


The beautiful Mt. Fuji is gazed through the blooming cherry blossom trees. The sun and moon shines together in the golden sky, and the water of the lake expresses the richness of nature as well as the joy of life. For Kinutani who had been enchanted by the classic fresco painting technique, the plaster wall made with slaked lime, sand, and water is truly a living thing. The process of listening closely to nature’s rhythm to create a fresco painting has a deeply moving sensation as if one is communicating with Earth itself. Kinutani comments, “This landscape expresses the relationship between the Fuji and I. With the help of water, Fuji’s iron sand and slaked lime becomes a part of me. It was almost like painting a self-portrait.”