Dharma-Gate of Non-Duality

Size: 133×168cm

Date: 2018

Mediums:Mixed media


Since 2000, Kinutani has led thousands of tourists to China and contributed to the friendship between Japan and China. Recently, he spoke of how the bond between the two countries had tightened: “Tang Jinxuan (former foreign minister of the People’s Republic of China) and I shared the philosophy of “Funihomon (the teaching that contradicting thoughts or beliefs are not separate but are part of the same thing)”, and confirmed with each other that we must bring new attempts and chances to the two country’s long history. I am hoping that our country will push forward a cultural strategy to build a new future for China and Japan with art.”
The teachings of the Yuimagyo (Vimalakirti Sutra) since his youth has taught Kinutani the means to communicate beyond boundaries, and the realization of the “Funihomon” has become the framework of Kinutani’s art and wish for world peace.